OUR MISSION: To provide stairlifts to those who need them
but lack the resources to remain in their home with safety and dignity.


Building awareness among health care providers, care givers, community agencies and individuals to the work of The Stairlift Foundation.

Donate a stairlift to The Stairlift Foundation and get:

  • Free pick-up within 2-7 business days
  • Tax deductible receipt




It is very likely that you know firsthand the profound difference a stair lift can make in the day-to-day living for a friend, relative or client. This is an opportunity to make that difference in the lives of others.

The idea for starting The Stairlift Foundation first struck Karl Otterbach, the Foundation’s founder and Executive Director back in 2008. There were three  problems with used stair lifts:

First, with no clearinghouse for used stair lifts with remaining life in them, and charities avoiding involving themselves with a sophisticated piece of equipment that needed to be professionally removed and installed, – too many stair lifts are simply scrapped once they are removed.

Second, used stair lifts have been installed by well-meaning individuals lacking proper technical training, resulting in accidents and fatalities.  Our legislative efforts are focused on tightening lax installation requirements in states with virtually no regulation.

And third, there are so many people out in our communities who simply lack the resources to get themselves a stair lift. Countless falls for people without stair lifts

Impact not only the lives of these individuals, but also have a direct economic impact on a healthcare system that is already plagued by spiraling costs.  By getting these stairlifts into the homes of those who need them serves us all.

About our Founder:

Karl Otterbach, has been an executive in the Stair lift industry for many years.

For many years, Mr. Otterbach was part of the team that built the British company Acorn Stairlifts into the #1 selling stair lift brand of stair lifts in the United States in the early 2000s. Otterbach was tapped by ThyssenKrupp, the world’s largest producer of stairlifts to rebuild its market share in North America.

In 2004, ThyssenKrupp purchased the Whitaker Company of New England, at the time, the largest dealer of stairlifts in the United States. Today, Mr. Otterbach is the CEO of Whitaker Stairlifts providing stairlift sales and service throughout the Northeast.

In 2013, the vision for the stairlift foundation became a reality and used stairlifts can now be safely used by those in need.

The vision for used stair lifts that could be put to use by those in need came to fruition.  If you would like to donate a stair lift, know someone that needs a stair lift, or would like to make a contribution, please contact us. Thank you for supporting us in the important work!

Karl Otterbach co-founder of The Stairlift Foundation